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Fintech Friday: Extra Time
New to the Fintech Friday format is Extra Time! Our regular panel format will break after 45 minutes and roll into an open mic session where you are invited to take to the floor and air your thoughts.

With an average of 20 Q&A questions per session, this could be an excellent way to get answers we didn’t previously have time for and connect with your fellow audience members. Or it could descend into chaos! Join us on the 7th August from 10am to find out!
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Friday 7th August 2020, 10am BST
08 - Collaboration and Co-opetition
  • Chair's Introduction
  • How can Fintechs and traditional banks work more collaboratively?
  • Has Open Banking and APIs generated an opportunity or a threat to financial institutions?
  • Why collaboration is crucial to the rapid adoption of emerging technology and innovation
  • Sharing the risk: Why partnerships are the future for fintechs
Tristan Pelloux
Strategic Partnerships
Virgin Money
Agustin Rubini
Fintech Best Selling Author and Brand Ambassador for The Future of Banking
Sendi Young
Global Fintech Engagement Consulting Lead
Vicky Zhang
API Ecosystem Strategy & Partnerships, Innovation & Solutions
Adrian Rainey
Partner, Tech & Life Sciences
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